Starting February 1, 2013, the IRH medical team will be joining NorthBay Healthcare in Vacaville, CA.  IRH will continue to provide the same great services that have built its strong reputation.  Please feel free to click here to learn more about these exciting new changes.

Starting February 4, 2013, Dr. Vo will be joining Physical Edge in Davis, CA.  Physical Edge is located next to IRH's current location and uses the same entrance.  Please feel free to click here to learn more about these exciting changes.

Dr. Eric Hassid, M.D., founded the Institute for Restorative Health with one purpose in mind, restore health. Health care providers at IRH help patients through an individualized three-step process: Identify, Restore, and Healthy Living. The health care providers use functional medicine to identify the root causes of disease and poor health.

Once the root issues and causes are identified, the professionals at IRH will work with you to develop individualized treatments. These natural and conventional health treatments along with directed care by our health care providers, will guide you along the road to restored health and vitality.

We welcome you to our website and encourage you to browse the tabs above to see how the Institute for Restorative Health can best serve you.